Come TOUR OUR STORE and receive a FREE GIFT!!

img_5792img_5791img_4330img_4326img_4324img_4317img_4316img_4315img_4303img_4298img_4297img_4292img_4290img_4289img_4288img_4274img_4272img_4268img_4427img_4361img_4331img_4308img_4307img_4306img_4302img_4301img_4299img_4296img_4293img_4291img_4289img_4288img_4284img_4280img_4279img_4273img_4265img_4264img_4263img_4261img_4253img_4250img_4249img_4249img_42614321iphone sep t20 017jbl eon615nov 2015 022nov 2015 2128nov 2015 2029nov 2015 2030IMG_5341IMG_5335momar logo new yellow00202_5LxFFHFeApY_600x45000i0i_4ANqjBmwR8P_600x450cropped-NewMMRHdrBnnr2.pngimg_4250img_4296img_4299img_4264img_4249img_4306img_4361img_4279img_4291img_4288img_4284img_4265img_4331We are smack in the middle of our LARGEST EXPANSION EVER!   More BRANDS  ( over 300 brands now), more selection of items, especially those hard to find items and parts, and more of everything!

We have added more showrooms and warehouses and have CRAZY SALES  ( items sold near cost or even below cost) all over the store in every department.

So, come see what our staff has been busy unloading from trucks, setting up new displays, stacking hundreds of cartons of products in the warehouses and getting everything looking great.

REMEMBER, at MOMAR MUSIC, we open up EVERYTHING and ANYTHING for  YOU to actually see what you are really getting. If you do not know what is inside your speaker cabinet, bring it to us for a FREE checkup, where we open it and show you what you have and teach you all about speakers, cabinet construction,woofers,  crossover, horn drivers, etc, everything YOU NEED TO KNOW to make INFORMED purchase decisions and NOT JUST look at the pretty cabinet and the nice name, but actually judge the item for what it really is.