FACEBOOK FRIENDS CAN WIN $$$$$$$$$ shopping spree, EVERY 100 new friends- WIN FREE MONEY , MONEY , MONEY!!

UntitledFriend me, PERSONALLY  ( long story, but MOMAR MUSIC is not available to me as a former employee set it up and he is gone, so no access by me)

FRIEND:  Michael Marks ( of San Antonio)  and you will see the MOMAR MUSIC  business card


When we hit 1800 friends, Mr Richard Valdez was the winner and COULD NOT GET TO THE STORE FAST ENOUGH to get his new SHURE VINTAGE MICROPHONE and GOLD XLR CABLES  ( he GAVE the MICROPHONE TO HIS GIRL FRIEND……now that is CLASS!!)……………..


as of today April 20 we have almost 1900  friends, so at the rate we are going I expect to give away $190 shopping spree  soon !! ( ANYTHING IN THE STORE QUALIFIES, EVEN SALE ITEMS)


AS of AUGUST we hav given away several THOUSAND DOLLARS, but the game has come to an end….


but watch FACEBOOK for OTHER GAMES where we GIVE YOU $$$$$$$$$$$$$  one way or another!!






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