WHO ARE WE and WHAT do we do

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Started in the garage of owner Michael Marks in 2007, MOMAR MUSIC has been steadily growing and moving to larger facilities to better fit the needs of customers.  Staffed with veteran musicians and DJ’s, MOMAR MUSIC is not your ordinary corporate music store. We take the time to show you everything “inside and out” , so you really know what you are getting. We also teach you and explain in simple language how the items work and how you operate them safely.


Being a FULL SERVICE company, MOMAR MUSIC does many things that no other store in town has under one roof:

  1. Retail and wholesale sales of new and used gear, including special ordering virtually anything you want.
  2. Rental of anything and everything to make  your gig, party, event, go smoothly and have the lights and sound that you need .
  3. Repairs of virtually anything electronic, such as mixers, power amps,  DJ LIGHTS, guitar amps, instruments, speakers, …….ANYTHING that is broken, bring it to us to get a fast an honest estimate and the fastest and least costly repair in town.
  4. Manufacturing our own line of high end, quality built, speaker cabinets.  Loaded with YOUR choice of woofers, and drivers, these cabinets are made to last a lifetime and do not break your bank!
  5. INSTALLING virtually anything, anywhere….whether it be your Church, nightclub, fitness center , office building…we have the gear and the experienced staff to properly install lights, sound and whatever else you need.
  6. LIVE SOUND and GREAT DJ’s are on our staff, and whether your band needs a great sound engineer, with or without gear, or your party needs the coolest DJ in town, we have dozens of folks standing by!
  7. ASSESSMENTS and DESIGN of YOUR facility for light, sound, stage, sound booth and anything else we can help you with. With over 40 years of experience, we know how to get you what you need and keep below your budget.


COME SEE FOR YOURSELF and get MOMARIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!    :)

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