Many folks are not aware of our HUGE " out of store services" that we have available . 

1. LIVE SOUND , LIGHTING AND BACKLINE from the smallest gig to shows of 10,000 folks , we have the crews and the equipment to make your event great !

2. INSTALLATIONS - from installing a small system in your home up to total make over for clubs , chuch s , schools, anywhere , anytime , .....sound , lights , video , broadcasting , staging , trussing , anything and everything , our very experienced crews will make your facility all you dreamed of it being .

3. Field repairs .... something broke and you can not bring it to us  then we will come to you!

4 Do you need a DJ , KJ , hired gun , full band ?

Our vast network of carefully vetted folks will get

you the best around and we guarantee that !

5. Food ?   Our champion BBQ CHEF  , Albert Sosa will work with you anyway you need it done and bring his food trailer to you for the day or for the week !

6 ANYTHING ELSE YOU NEED , photo booth, wedding planner, whatever .....we can arrange it and no matter what it is you will have the MONAR MUSIC CIRCLE OF SERVICE making sure you are happy !








Come see why MOMAR MUSIC is the largest rental center in town . 

1, by far the lowest prices

2. Five days rental for the price of one day

3, largest selection of everything you may need

4. Everything included even extension cords

5 all rental gear is like new or actually brand new in the box

6. Full lessons If you need instructions

7-Everything is checked before you take it to make certain it all works and you know how to work it

8 everything is carried out and packed in your car or truck or trailer for you

9. Upon the return we unload it for you as well

10. Did I mention ridiculously low prices for anything and everything you may need ???



MOMAR MUSIC has the largest , fastest , and lowest cost repair center in town .  In addition to being the REGIONAL SUPERVISORY AUTHORIZED REPAIR CENTER FOR PEAVEY ELECTRONICS , we can repair any brand you have .

Speakers , power amps , dj and band lights , rack gear , new carpet or tolex for your cabinet , stands , keyboards , guitars , mixers and controllers , microphones , recone woofers , horn driver voice coils , cabinet hardware , case hardware , electronics parts and much more is in stock and very low priced .

Most of the time we do at least the initial diagnosis immediately and with you watching , listening and learning , as we are a TEACHING FACILITY AS WELL!  If we can't fix it on the spot it is usually done in 1-2 days unless there are parts required that we do not stock , which does not occur often because we do stiock more parts than anyone in Texas .

Speaker upgrades are available as we boast the largest inventory of raw woofers and raw  drivers in Texas as well , from 2" to 21" woofers and horn drivers from 1/2" voice coil to 4" voice coil .

Guitar and bass players have so many choices we will switch woofers out over and over until you get the tone you want at the price that makes you smile .


Smoke and haze machines as well as snakes and cables are also easy repairs and we will explain everything we do and keep you well informed .

Then we MOMARIZE your item after we fix it which means a total inside out cleaning so good you will hardly recognize that the item is yours .

Our only problem is we do the repairs so quickly we are waiting for you to please come pick you item up ASAP  if it is left for repair and not done on the spot while you wait and watch and learn !

There is simply no one else in Texas that can match our speed or our prices ......and we are the only repair center that is also taking the time to teach you as we do the repair !



Company history of MOMAR MUSIC


After retiring from his very successful manufacturing business in 1997 , GAMCOUSA.com, which he founded and headed up since 1983, MoMar music owner , Michael marks left Texas for the sandy beaches of Florida .

Now with the time and the ability to pursue his musical career and musical production and songwriting interests full time , he spent a decade in Florida doing just that with his company MOwat and MARks entertainment inc

Although his former duo lead singer Oliver Mowat and Mike parted ways after their first album Released in 1997 , Mike kept his newly formed company name the same to this day .

Now solo writing and producing his second album, a charitable project for the benefit of the full time musicians in central Florida , THE inner marks , no excuses , (free copies available at MoMar music store ) Mike moved back Texas in 2008 and then went another direction by providing musical gear from his "store " in his garage .

Now with the fourth expansion and move to yet a larger facility , Mike and his team offer a very unique wAy of doing business .

With separate departments in now 15 huge showrooms and warehouses ,MoMar musics approach is not only unique by ;

1. Being owned And managed by a congressional recognition award winner for community service , creating jobs ( over 1000 with his former company )

this philanthropist had a true passion to provide education as well as impeccable service to San Antonio music community and help everyone any way he can . Particuliar attention is given to the most disadvantaged folks as well as church's , clubs , and individuals in our community that need the most help

Having a staff that consist of folks that all met Mike initially as a customer , after seeing their talents and providing training to
teach them his hands on , do it now and do it well approach , and do it with pride and passion , the team of your fellow musicians and DJs stand ready to do whatever it takes to make your personal musical experience, church , club or anything else you need , simply be the best it can be .

This is why MoMar musics motto is "For the people "
, quite simply because it is indeed the peoples store and Mike try's very hard to make everyone feel special and feel a part of it and most importantly , benefit from having MoMar music available to do whatever it takes to help .

Now with literally thousands of products and hundreds of brands ( Mike is not loyal to the brands he carries but rather to you and always tells you the truth about any product from the inside out ) come check out the most unique music store in the city .


MOMAR MUSIC is located INSIDE the HARDY OAK STORAGE building located at 23411 Hardy Oak, San Antonio, TX 78258.  We are on the WEST SIDE entrance directly BELOW the WHAT A BURGER....Use the side entrance by the elevator where you will see our sign and the glass top door and just knock  if it is closed as we are but 5 feet on the other side of the door.  OR CALL  the STORE LINE   210-545-6500....  We presently occupy 16 suites that total almost 5000 square feet and each suite has another department of gear in it.............PLUS an active DARK ROOM for our you to REALLY see lights and smoke in action, as well as the only LIVE SOUND STAGE around, so you can blast ANYTHING in the store to try out or just for fun  ( this is why we are in the warehouse setting...no complaints from neighbors, as we had when we were in a retail setting)


WE ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC  Tuesday thru Saturday 1pm -7pm  ( we LEAVE at 7 pm !!)


Special private appointments for the morning or Monday are available if you call or text  my cell  210-885-9566.........9 am to 9 pm please